Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rockin RedBox

In an attempt to save money in my household, we have cancelled our monthly Blockbuster Online membership, and only rent movies from RedBox! Love! Love! Love! The RedBox!! If your not a user, you should totally check it out! It seems that there are more and more popping up which makes it very convenient. Pretty soon they will be like Starbucks, one on every corner :) What else can you get for a dollar these days?? Hardly anything!

So, here are some redbox codes for you. You can use these codes, one time, per credit card. So even if you and your significant other share a bank account, you probably have different card numbers, which means you can use the same code on both cards!!

RR3VT53 (McDonalds Only)
DVDONME (Any location)
BREAKROOM (Any location)
DVDATWAG (Walgreens Only)


Money grows on the tree of Patience,


  1. Thanks for the codes! We've tried this a couple times, but my problem is getting them back the next day! So it usually turns into a $3 trip - hahaha!